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Kate McGregor
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Posted by on Nov 22, 2010 in Nature

Canada Goose Anyone?

Canada Goose Anyone?

What’s with all the Canada Geese? When my family and I first moved to Ottawa, one of our favourite autumn rituals was to pack a picnic and drive to the Cornwall area to see the geese. We would watch, mesmorized by the cacophony of scores of these large birds landing in farmers’ fields, refueling, then taking off, the sky black with beating wings. That romantic memory is shattered now that the Canada geese have started hanging around Ottawa  parks, beaches and fields all year round.

Did you know that a single adult goose defecates once every seven minutes? That’s about two pounds of slimy green poop in a single day.

It’s amazing to recall that, by the end of the 19th century, excessive hunting had reduced the Canada Goose to near extinction.  Today, there are 400,000 of these birds in Ontario alone.

How about “culling”? Feel a bit reluctant to kill a goose with such a beautiful name?  Next summer, when I am at Meech Lake, bobbing and weaving in bare feet around piles of slimy green goose poop,  I’ll be thinking about hiring the gun-toting Palin family.

I hear that roasted Canada goose is delicious. And I don’t even eat meat.

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