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Kate McGregor
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Posted by on Oct 25, 2014 in Nature

Walking Away Worry

Walking Away Worry

The afternoon skies sulked and rain drops became heavy as Lenny and I set out for a walk at the Experimental Farm this afternoon. The wet bothered neither of us – my dog and I were just happy to be outside.

There is something calming about taking a walk on this farm land in the heart of Ottawa. Gazing out across the fields, I can still see and hear cars, which appear like miniature beetles scurrying from traffic light to traffic light in the distance. Above, I hear the distinctive sound of a chopper and raise my eyes to see an orange helicopter, a sure sign that a life-saving organ is enroute to someone somewhere. I pause for a moment to contemplate the fragility of human life, then am drawn to the sight and sound of Canada Geese, ducks and crows flapping in the skies. Turning the corner, I spy the cows which congregate at the corner of Cow Lane and Ash Lane to torment my dog who barks at their bigness.

As we continue, I spot a car traversing the fields. The car rolls slowly to a stop. Lenny and I watch transfixed as the female driver gets out, opens the back door and points. A black and white Border Collie springs into action, racing into the fields to scare away the geese. Alarmed, they rise into the sky, noisily honking their displeasure. A lone jogger passes, nodding briefly; a cyclist approaches, peddling furiously to escape the rain.

Life moves at a slower pace on the Farm. Here on this 4-kilometer square piece of paradise, the worries of everyday living appear to melt away. While I don’t want to leave, our walk is finished. Lenny and I turn to gaze at the autumn sun setting behind the barns. Then we get back into the car to join the traffic.

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