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Kate McGregor
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Posted by on Aug 18, 2013 in Workplace

Fashion Dilemma

Fashion Dilemma

When did sleeveless dresses become au courant for women in the workplace? Damn that Michelle Obama for starting this fashion craze. My closet is filled with pant suits inspired by Hilary Clinton’s tenure. Now I feel like I’m one First Lady behind.

At first blush, summer sales seemed to provide a good way of easing myself into the new fashion rage. However, wriggling into dresses in a boutique dressing room filled with flourescent lighting and floor length mirrors proved a sobering experience. Since when did my underarms create their own choreography, jiggling from side to side?

That’s it“, I thought. “Time to dust off the free weights and the kettlebells“.

Let’s face it. By the time I get my arms under control with the rest of my body, the summer sale will be over and winter will be here. What a relief. No more sleeveless dresses to fret about. I  can sigh a great big sigh of relief and retreat to my closet of fall and winter pant suits. I take solace in the thought that Hilary may also be doing the same thing. And let’s hope she runs for President.

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