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Kate McGregor
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Posted by on Jan 2, 2012 in Food

Fridge Wars

Fridge Wars


What is my New Year’s  Resolution? The same as many other people – to control my eating habits and lose weight. Why is it so difficult? I think it’s because food is dictated by a caste system. Yup, you heard me. Look, when I open the fridge or cupboard, I do so with the best of intentions. I’m on the hunt for the freshest, most organic wholesome product sitting inside. But something happens when I do so. The junk food calls my name, “Kate, here I am. I’m ready for you. Eat me, eat me”. And I swear those refined foods jockey for top position even before I open the door, pushing aside the arugula, the rappini and the raddichio in a quest for my attention. In fact, that explains a lot. That’s why when I eventually clean the fridge, I find way, way back and on the bottom,  soggy plastic bags filled with dying lettuce leaves gasping their last breath, putrid carrots swimming in their rotting juices, and shrivelled black brussel sprouts bemoaning the loss of their green youth. It’s like a battle field. I turn my eyes away. When I chose those foods I did so with the best of intentions but they look so bland, so naked sitting there. They look like they will take too much time to cut, chop, dice, spice, steam and bake. Instead, my eyes move to the packages at the front- the cream cheeses, crackers, ice creams and donuts. They look so colourful, cheerful even, and they won’t waste a lot of my time.

So, there you have it. If I don’t lose weight in 2012 it’s not my fault. I’m going to blame the healthy foods for not standing up for their rights.

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