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Kate McGregor
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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Marketing

Mani-Pedi Guilt

Mani-Pedi Guilt

Why do I feel so guilty about having had a manicure and pedicure, or “mani-pedi”as it is called by its adoring fans? Today marks the very first time I have ever paid for such self-indulgence. Here I am at the nail salon, feet soaking in swirling mauve water in preparation for my tootsie makeover while reclining in a massage chair with rollers moving up and down my spine and over my butt muscles. I glance outside the salon window and spot public servants scurrying back to their offices after lunch. I feel so…decadent. Later that day, I console myself with the fact that Kelly Osbourne, daughter of singer Ozzie Osbourne, recently sported a $250,000 manicure to the Emmys. Her nail polish which caused such a public outcry consisted of 267-carats of black diamonds. Had I recalled this juicy tidbit while having my nails buffed, my feet pampered and my back kneaded, I might not have felt so guilty. Anyway, let’s be honest. I’ll probably be back for some more of the same. Meanwhile, let me just sit and admire my shiny new nails.

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