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Kate McGregor
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Posted by on Oct 15, 2011 in Nature, Society

Ottawa Valley High?

We were on the hunt for the Back Forty Artisan Cheese shop in the heart of Lanark County. Somewhere between Poland and Flower Station, my friend and I got lost. In the blink of an eye, we were driving along a long and winding road to nowhere. The afternoon sun was sinking, and shadows started to creep menacingly onto the windshield of the car. We were now hopelessly lost. Turning into a bend on the narrowing gravel lane, we spied a tall, thin man with sunglasses, crouched beside a red pick up truck. His appearance shouted  axe-murderer. My imagination kicked into high drive and we drove faster, glancing furtively in the rear view mirror. An image of the banjo-picker in Deliverance popped into my mind. I knew the Ottawa Valley was full of marijuana grow operations and I had no idea how friendly their caregivers were. It didn’t help that my big black dog was sitting on the back seat happily wagging his tail at the stranger. It also didn’t help that my Blackberry now said, “Searching for service” . Who knew the Ottawa Valley could be so desolate?

At the top of a steep hill, the horizon suddenly opened and we spied a sprinkling of houses. It was a relief to see signs of civilization. We never did find the cheese shop but we left with a new appreciation for the wild and rugged side of the Ottawa Valley just a short drive from Ottawa.

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