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Kate McGregor
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HR Management

Workplace well-being is connected to physical health, mental health and wellness. Establishing an environment which is committed to ongoing learning and training opportunities for staff will go a long way in establishing good employee relations. Providing new managers with the tools they need to learn how to be effective supervisors should not be overlooked.

The conditions in the workplace can play a strong role in creating an atmosphere where employees clearly feel that good things are taking place and where mutual respect, open communication, accountability and honesty are valued. By creating and nurturing a work environment where all employees feel they are respected and that they have a role to play, an organization sends a strong message about it ethics and values.

Kate has worked with senior management in numerous organizations to help create a healthy workplace which nurtures and promotes continuous learning, innovation and creativity.

A former Director with the Government of Canada, she is well-acquainted with the various vehicles used to hire public servants and consultants. She offers the following services:

  • identifying positions to be filled
  • writing and revising job descriptions
  • writing exam and interview questions
  • participating on hiring boards
  • providing feedback to unsuccessful candidates
  • conducting reference checks
  • writing contract specifications